About Us

Self service wash at Mt Hood Pet Resort

Bath Time!

When we designed MT Hood Pet Resort we wanted to make it as animal friendly and virtually odor free not just for the pets but also for their owners and for anyone who comes into our establishment.

We looked for the best artificial grass that resembled the real thing and then we designed a unique watering system to remove the urine and pet odors. Our vision expanded to add the water fountains so your pets would always have a constant supply of fresh water while enjoying our facility. We then decided to have our murals painted portraying our beautiful MT Hood and the surrounding hillsides.

We made sure our bathing tubs were perfect for your pets, we designed an area for bathing our larger breeds or pet who had hip problems, arthritis, or just couldn’t stand for long periods of time. An area where they can sit, or lay down and still get clean

MT Hood Pet Resort wants both pets and owners alike to feel as if they are out doors on a spring day, and yet knowing they are safe, secure and receiving love, and attention from our staff all in one place.

We are not like a normal Kennel, We politely request all dogs be flea free and somewhat clean to be able to play in the Doggy Daycare with the other dogs.