Starting Friday Aug. 9 daycare hours will be changed to 8am to 5pm Mon – Friday. The self-wash will be open from 8:30 am to 4 pm Monday – Friday. Closed Saturday & Sunday except for Boarding Dogs Only. Please call if you have question 503-668-8900

Boarding for cats in Sandy, OR by Mt Hood Pet ResortMT Hood Pet Resort is the Pacific Northwest’s unique “dognasium” and spa featuring an enormous 8,400 square foot resort designed with your pet in mind.

Inclusive of life like murals of Mt Hood, the foothills, and artificial grass, your pet will feel like he/she is out in a field at the base of Mt Hood romping and playing with nature all day long or even camping as he/she spends their evening with us.

After a long day, weekend, or an extended vacation with us, your pet will love to be treated to a relaxing bath in one of our huge tubs designed specifically for your best friend. Our staff will be glad to give your pet a bath or you can come in and do it yourself!

We are not like most dog kennels, In fact we are not a kennel at all,  We are in fact a Pet Resort, Therefore  we request your dog be on some kind of Flea Control, Some what clean and not full of mud and shedding to the point we could make a new dog bed with your pets fur.