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When boarding your dog with Mt. Hood Pet Resort you can rest assured knowing your furry family member is being well taken care of at our completely indoor facility. We have two indoor playgrounds complete with artificial grass so your pet can stay warm and dry during Oregon's continuous rainy season, and cool off during those scarce summer days. Each dog that boards with us gets their own kennel to rest in when they are not playing with the other dogs in Doggy Daycare. 

Leash- We require all dogs to be on leash when entering the building.

Food- Please write out basic feeding instructions that include how much to feed and how many times a day. We normally feed dogs 2-3 times a day. It's also important that you bring extra food in case your plans change and you pup stays with us for longer than you originally planned! Please write your dog's name on the food bag. You don't need to bring any bowls as we have plenty!

Bed- If you want to bring your pets bed or blanket please make sure that it is something that is machine washable incase they have an accident! 

Toys- You can bring a few toys to keep your dog entertained at bed time. These toys would only be for your pet and not shared with the other dogs or allowed in the playground. 

What to Bring...




2.5ft X 4ft 


4.5ft X 4ft 



7ft X 13ft 


Check in: anytime we are open. We recommend checking in a minimum of one hour before we close so your dog can get in some play time.

Check out: If your pet checks out before 9AM you are not charged for that day!

Closeup of a Black Dog
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